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Tips for Staging Your House

People are coming to your house to view the house. Sometimes our stuff can get in the way. Here are some tips to show your full potiential to potential buyers.

  • One of the first things you need to do to stage your home is to declutter. Removing as much as half of your belongings will make your home look much bigger. This may mean temporary storage at another location, but you will also have those items already boxed up and ready to move!
  • A cheap and easy way to get your house in selling condition is to clean. Getting your house to where it is sparkling clean is vital, even if it means paying a professional to come in and help.
  • Boost your curb appeal since the outside is a reflection of the inside of your home.
  • Rearrange or group your furniture to create an open flow and inviting seating areas.
  • The master bedroom should appeal to either males or females and should be free of clutter.
  • Clean out and organize the closets. Potential home buyers will want to see what storage is available. By removing your things from the closets, it will create a feeling of spaciousness.
  • Clean out any extra rooms that have been used to “dump” items. By giving these rooms a purpose, you increase the value of your home.
  • Stage the outdoor space so that a buyer can see how they might use it, even if you just have a small porch or yard.
  • Remove any unnecessary items from bathroom and kitchen counters and coordinate towel colors.
  • Open the drapes and blinds, and make sure that all windows and mirrors are clean.
  • A fresh coat of neutral paint will brighten things up.
  • Visit a model home to get ideas on how to depersonalize your home.
  • Walk through your home with the eyes of a buyer.

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